Montagues and Capulets in the WTO

This week, we”ll look at what William Shakespeare, Leonard Bernstein and Scrubs have to say about the occupational social stratification at the WTO. In the words of the world-renowned expert on social anthropology John “JD” Dorian, M.D:

“You see, at the WTO, lawyers and economists are kind of like two rival gangs – not real gangs, more like those cheesy gangs you see in Broadway musicals”:

(A further example of such WTO-style rivalry are the Jets and the Sharks in the 8:30 minutes long documentary Prologue to the West Side Story:)

As remedy to overcome this unfortunate lawyer-economist rivalry, Doctor Dorian calls upon all courageous captains of complements at the WTO: O Romeo, Romeo – Wherefore art thou Romeo? Convert the back-alleys-of-New-York-style scaffoldings of the WTO courtyard into a romantic setting for Shakespearian balcony sceneries – including amorous lawyer-economist-duets à la Tony and Maria! “Tonight” from the West Side Story:

(How silver-sweet sound lovers” tongues by night, Like softest music to the attending ears!)

To all ye lovebirds out there: Have a week filled with nightingales, not larks!